Special Mention

Hirskyj-Douglas, I. and Lucero A. On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog… Unless You’re Another Dog. In 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Proceedings (CHI 2019), May 4–9, 2019, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. ACM, New York, NY, USA.


Hirskyj-Douglas, I. and Read, J.C., 2018. ­­­­­­­­­­DoggyVision: Examining how Dogs (Canis familiaris) Interact with Media using a Dog-Driven Proximity Tracker Device. Journal of Animal Behaviour and Cognition. [PDF]

Hirskyj-Douglas, I., Pons, P., Read, J.C. and Jaen, J., 2018. Seven Years after the Manifesto: Literature Review and Research Directions for Technologies in Animal Computer Interaction. Multimodal Technologies and Interaction2(2), p.30.  [PDF]

Hirskyj-Douglas, I., Read, J.C. and Cassidy, B., 2017. A dog centred approach to the analysis of dogs’ interactions with media on TV screens. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. Special Issue: Animal Computer Interaction. [PDF]

Edited Books

Lucero, A. (ed.), Karyda, M. (ed.), Hirskyj-Douglas, I. (ed.) & Moslemian, O. (ed.) 2018 Proceedings of SIDeR ‘18: 14th Student Interaction Design Research Conference. Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. 166 p. [PDF]

Conference Papers

Hirskyj-Douglas, I., Read, J.C. and Horton, M., 2017. Animal Personas: Representing Dog Stakeholders in Interaction Design. British Human Computer Interaction [PDF]

Hirskyj-Douglas, I. and Read, J.C., 2016. Using Behavioural Information to Help Owners Gather Requirements from their Dogs’s Responses to Media Technology. British Human Computer Interaction [PDF]

Hirskyj-Douglas, I and Read, J.C., 2014. Who is really in the center of Dog Computer Interaction? Advance Computer Entertainment (ACE)’14. ACM. Madeira. [PDF]

Workshop Papers

Robbinson, C., Hirskyj-Douglas, I. and Pons, P., 2018. Designing for Animals: Defining “Participation” in Animal-Computer Interaction. International Conference on Animal Computer Interaction. [Website] Publishing in December.

Pons, P., Hirskyj-Douglas, I., Nijholt A. and Cheok, A.D., 2016. Animal Computer Interaction Animal Centered, participatory and playful design. Measuring Behaviour’16. Animal Computer Interaction Symposium. [Proceedings] [PDF] [Website]

Hirskyj-Douglas, I., Read, J.C., Junlin, O., Vaataja, H., Pons, P., Hvasshovd, S.O., 2016. Where HCI Meets ACI. NordiCHI 2016. [PDF]

Workshop Position Papers

Hirskyj-Douglas, I. and Read, J.C., 2016. Ethics of How to Work with Dogs in Animal Computer Interaction. Measuring Behaviour. Animal Computer Interaction Symposium. [PDF]

Hirskyj-Douglas, I., Read, J.C. and Cassidy, B., 2015. Doggy Ladder of Participation. British Human Computer Interaction (BHCI). Animal Computer Interaction. [PDF]

Hirskyj-Douglas, I., Huailan L. and Read, J.C., 2014. Is my dog watching TV? NordiCHI’14. Animal Computer Interaction Workshop. [PDF]

Poster Papers

Hirskyj-Douglas, I. & Read, J.C., 2013. Animal Computer Interaction Design. ACM-W. Manchester. [PDF]

Doctoral Consortium Papers

Hirskyj-Douglas, I., 2016. Creating Meaningful Interactions with Dogs and Screens. Third International Conference on Animal Computer Interaction. Doctoral Consortium. [PDF]

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  • Spoke on BBC1 Radio about my research and women in technology representing W-ACM (women in ACM).
  • Interviewed on BBC Radio Lancashire about my research on 7th July 2016.

Expert Talks:

  • Spoke at UXPA (User Experience Professional Association) in London about how to design for non-verbal users in relation to gathering requirements for dog users on February 2016 UK UXPA event.

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